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est. 1782
The Oldest Interior Design Company in the World

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It was the artist and teacher Fra Henry Newbery who really put the company on the global map back in 1872 when he inherited it from his late uncle. It was the perfect time to take this already age old company and transform it into the power house of interior design. Newbery was a colourful character and when he became the headmaster at The Glasgow School of Art, he was very careful to keep his passion as a teacher and artist away from the business of the day. From the weaving looms to the tapestry frames and the assembly benches to the long rope twisting walks, Henry Newbery & Co have created collections of decorative trimmings for palaces, theatres, stately houses, hotels, offices and beautiful homes throughout the world for over two centuries.

Today, we provide both stock support collections and a bespoke service.


Our in-house master tailor and his team of dedicated cutters, stitchers, pressers and finishers have created both individual garments and whole collections of fine English tailoring for over thirty years. Old fashioned and modern traditional methods are still used today and a library of choice cloths are readily available for discerning clients.

From film and television costumes to city attire and something dashing for the weekend in the country, Thomas Crown Tailoring is the label owned by Henry Newbery & Co and ready to serve your wishes. Although traditional tailoring is the order of the day, we are also able to incorporate those daring cheeky tweaks.

From a sketched design, we can guide you through the process of creating your own style of befitting wardrobe. It is a fun way of making wishes come true and adding a little head-turning distinction when you walk into a crowded room!


Many of the world’s most iconic buildings have been touched, influenced and created by Henry Newbery & Co since 1782 and long before. From palaces to theatres, club houses and public buildings to beautiful homes and signature rooms, our work has stood the very tests of time for quality and innovation.

Make your statement by discussing your requirements with our comprehensive and very creative design team. From architects, lighting and electrical specialists, plaster sculptors and moulders, upholsterers and curtain makers, our team is as extensive today as it was centuries ago; our archives include possibly the largest collection of historical textiles designs known to man.

However large or small, you’ll be given a dedicated and friendly point of contact from beginning to end who’s aim will be a delivery of your project on time, on budget and to a detailed standard of the highest quality.

From a single bedroom to a whole flagship hotel, every square inch of yours is just as important to us wherever in the world that square inch is!

Become part of the history of the world’s oldest interior design house; we would love you to be part of our story.


From the stately interiors of RMS Titanic to the Royal Yacht Britannia, Henry Newbery & Co have been creating yacht interiors longer than any other company in the world. In fact, we still have the original upholstery trimmings for the Royal Thames Barge commissioned by King Henry VIII which is older than the company itself!

Today, we have a continued interest in a variety of classic wooden yachts, their renovation, restyling and recommissioning. With our dedicated team of talented craftsmen, we proudly continue one of the traditions of this Great British Company.

From the restoration and maintenance our own private fleet of yachts, ships and boats to the careful restoration and maintenance of yours, however small or large. We are always interested to hear your stories and listen to your requirements.

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